How to order delivery at Burger King: instructions, cost?

You can deliver meals from Burger King uk in several ways. Choose one that is convenient for you.

  1. Order delivery from the official website. To do this, type your address into the “Delivery Address” box or find it on the map. If necessary, fill in the missing data of the delivery address.

If you would like to place a takeaway order, click on the “Pickup” button. Then enter your address in the search field or click on the “Share my Location” button and the site will tell you the nearest restaurant from which you can make a pick-up.

All that’s left is to choose your favourite burger from the menu and fries 😉 and place an order.

  1. Order delivery through the Just Eat service. After registering in the application, enter the delivery address.

Next, find the restaurant by typing “Burger King” in the search field and select the restaurant.
It remains to fill the basket, enter payment details and place the order.

At the time of writing, the Just Eat service is running a promotion, with free delivery on orders of £10 or more.

  1. Order delivery via the Uber east service. To do this, go to or to the app, choose a Burger King restaurant, add a dish to your basket. And make a delivery. Pre-registration is required for ordering.

Uber Eats has a promotion for new users – delivery is free on the first order.

  1. Order delivery through the Deliveroo service. A similar service that offers to deliver meals from Burger King quickly and for less money.

To start using the service online, you need to install the app and enter your location when you first load Deliveroo. Next, search for BK and order the dishes you want. As in other services, here you also need to choose a payment method before placing an order.

To make shopping more enjoyable, find out about various favourable offers or use promo codes.

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