All about Burger King’s rewards programme

Tired of waiting in the queue? Don’t want to go to get your order yourself? There is a solution, download the Burger King app and order delivery to your home or takeaway from the restaurant. You can also save good money in the app by participating in various promotions. Recently, the loyalty programme has changed a bit and now you can earn bonus points by buying food.

Where to download the BK app?

Follow the link and download the app from the official source:

  • Play Market;
  • App store.

Crown bonuses at Burger King

Once you register on the app, you will automatically become a member of the bonus programme YourBurgerKing.

Everyone who spends £1 will earn 10 bonus points in the form of Crowns.

For new users BK has prepared a nice gift. If you insert the welcome promo code when registering and place your first order for a minimum of £10, you can get a Burger Royale of your choice for just £1.

Every month in the Offer section, BK posts new vouchers that can be applied to an online order and a bargain meal.

The points are burned if you have not exchanged them within 6 months.

What new products are waiting for you in the app?

The app is constantly being tweaked and new features are being added. Here’s what’s in store for us in the near future:

  1. Rate Increase. For a limited time it will be possible to earn much more than 10 crowns from £1.
  2. Challenge. Different challenges will appear soon, you can get more bonuses when completing them.

How do I place an order at the checkout or through a self-service terminal?

In order for the crowns to be credited, it is mandatory to tell the Numeric Code to an employee or scan the Qr-code in the terminal. If this is not done, the bonuses will not be credited.
To do this, go to the application and click on the icon – Loyalty Code in the bottom menu.

What rewards can be exchanged for crowns?

The bonus programme consists of 5 levels. When you reach one of them, a reward in the form of a dish is unlocked. To do this, you need to collect coins from each order.

Once registered, new members are awarded 100 Coins for free. You will have £5 to spend to earn 150 Coins. There will be 5 dishes to choose from:

  • Fries (large);
  • Onion rings (6 pc);
  • Vegan Nuggets (6 pc);
  • Nuggets (6 pc);
  • Chilli Cheese Bites (6 pc)

When you reach 300 Coins, you can activate the Whopper, Double Cheeseburger and other meals for free, you need to spend £30 to do so.

If you spend £40, with 400 coins you can already expect a full meal with a burger, drink and fries, for example: Chcken Royale Meal or Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meal, etc.

For 500 coins you can get one of three burgers: Steakhouse Angus, Steakhouse Chicken, Double Whopper. You will have to shell out £50.

For the most generous when spending £60, Burger King is willing to let you choose a very hearty meal with a Double Whopper for 600 coins, and you can also choose a Steakhouse Angus Meal or Steakhouse Chicken Meal.

You can find out, more about the dishes you can get if you click on the crown icon in the top corner.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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