Whopper Wednesday at Burger King

Burger King is offering the Whopper at a super price on Wednesdays. The promotion gives you the chance to order a Whopper for just £1.99.

In order to get the discounted burger you need to:

  1. Place the order through the mobile app.
  2. Activate the Wopper Wednesdays coupon for £1.99.
  3. Complete the checkout.

Attention! You can apply only one voucher per cheque.

What discount does the £1.99 Wopper voucher give?

The discount price may vary as it depends on the location of the restaurant. Below we have calculated how much you could save if you apply this offer at Oldbury Green Retail Park.

The cost of the burger will be £1.99 instead of £5.99. By using this promotion, it will be 67% off and you will save £4.

Which Burger King restaurants are running the promotion?

This great offer is available at all BK outlets except:

  • at motorway service locations;
  • airports;
  • train stations;
  • holiday parks.

Only one voucher can be used per cheque.

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