Capri Sun Zero Apple & Blackcurrant at Burger King

Capri Sun Zero Apple & Blackcurrant is more than just natural green apple and blackcurrant juice – it’s a terrific combination of flavours without the extra sugar that many people will find interesting. The sour-sweet drink will make your lunch even more delicious! Did you know that apple juice has amazing properties: it prevents premature aging, fights allergens, lowers blood pressure and, of course, helps absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat? And when combined with the juice of aromatic blackcurrants, you will not only get important vitamins, but also activate your immune system.

Capri Sun Zero Apple & Blackcurrant juice is amazing in every way and at an affordable price.

How many calories and what is the nutritional value of Capri Sun Zero Apple & Blackcurrant drink?

In the UK, it was revealed that the daily calorie intake for an adult should be 2,050 kcal (8,650 kJ). Find out how many nutrients this drink contains.

Below is the nutritional information of this drink.

Protein0 g
Carbs1,9 g
Fat0 g
Saturates0 g
Salt0 g
Sugar1,6 g

How much does Capri Sun Zero Apple & Blackcurrant cost?

In England, the price of a drink at BK changes depending on the location of the restaurant, so prices for three cities will be updated here: London, Birmingham, Bradford and the average cost of a drink will be calculated.

Average Price£1.96

You can specify the exact cost of this drink only at your local Burger King restaurant.

Is this drink allergenic?

If your body is prone to allergies, make sure you research all the allergenic foods in this drink.

No information. We recommend examining the packaging before opening the drink.

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