Classic Cheese Melt & Fries at Burger King

This pairing is simply delicious: a burger with two 100% beef patties and melted cheese, and standard fries make this combo simply popular.

To order, select “King Box Double Melt” from the menu and then switch to “Melt and Fries” in the dish settings.

A hit combo at a great price at Burger King.

How many calories and what is the nutritional value of Classic Cheese Melt & Fries?

In the UK, it has been found that the daily calorie allowance for an adult should be 2,050 kcal (8,650 kJ). Find out how many nutrients this combo contains.

The nutrients per 100 grams are listed here.

Protein20,2 g
Carbs46,5 g
Fat24,9 g
Saturates9,8 g
Salt1,2 g
Sugar3,2 g

Below is information about the nutrients of the whole dish.

Protein26,8 g
Carbs57,4 g
Fat31,3 g
Saturates12,4 g
Salt1,6 g
Sugar4,1 g

How much is the Classic Cheese Melt and Fries?

In England, the cost of a set at BK varies depending on the location of the restaurant, so here will update prices for three cities, London, Birmingham, Bradford, and calculate the average cost of a meal.

Average Price£2.99

You can specify the exact cost of this dish only at your local Burger King restaurant.

Allergenic foods in the dish

If your body is prone to allergies, make sure to research all the allergenic foods in this king box.

🌾 Wheat

🎑 Gluten



May contain traces of eggs.

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