Oreo Fusion at Burger King

A creamy classic that melts in your mouth. What makes Oreo Fusion ice cream special? The incredible airiness of whipped cream combined with chunks of chocolate biscuits create a dreamy atmosphere in the most pastel colours. For decades, desserts have been combining several flavours at once. But this one is a masterpiece. Here the sweetness of cream and a slight bitterness of cocoa have turned into an incredible duet that is impossible to tear yourself away from.

Delight yourself, your loved ones and friends with Oreo Fusion and get ready to hear numerous “thank yous” and “I want more” at an affordable price at Burger King.

How many calories and what is the nutritional value of Oreo Fusion?

In the UK, it was revealed that the daily calorie intake for an adult should be 2,050 kcal (8,650 kJ). Find out how many nutrients this ice cream contains.

The nutrients per 100 grams are listed here.

Protein3,1 g
Carbs28,5 g
Fat5,3 g
Saturates2,6 g
Salt0,3 g
Sugar20,6 g

Below is the nutritional information for this ice cream weight dessert.

Protein4,3 g
Carbs39,8 g
Fat7,4 g
Saturates3,6 g
Salt0,4 g
Sugar28,8 g

How much does Oreo Fusion cost?

In England, the prices in BK depend on the location of the restaurant, so here we will add prices using the example of two major cities – Manchester and Bradford – and calculate the average cost of the dessert. Not all cities offer this ice cream, for example, in London it is not on the menu.

Average Price£2.39

You can specify the exact cost of this dessert only at your local Burger King restaurant.

Allergenic foods in the desert

If your body is prone to allergies, then be sure to study all the allergic products contained in this dessert.

🎑 Gluten

🌾 Wheat

🥛 Milk

🫘 Soy

🥚 Eggs

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