French Fries at Burger King

BK Fries are famous all over the world, fries have been at the top of customers’ orders for many years. No wonder, because it is suitable both as a side dish and as a main course. “Why is it loved?”, you may ask! At least for the fact that there is nothing extra. Chips are chunks of potatoes deep-fried to a perfect crunch. It’s 100% vegan-friendly.

Flavourful potatoes with a golden crust at a decent price at Burger King.

How many calories and what is the nutritional value of Chips?

In the UK, it has been found that the daily calorie allowance for an adult should be 2,050 kcal (8,650 kJ). Find out how many nutrients Chips contains.

The nutrients per 100 grams are listed here.

Protein3,1 g
Carbs30,7 g
Fat10,1 g
Saturates3,4 g
Salt0,4 g
Sugar0,2 g

Below is information about the nutrients of the whole dish.

Protein3,6 g4,9 g
Carbs35,7 g48,9 g
Fat11,7 g16,1 g
Saturates4,0 g5,5 g
Salt0,5 g0,7 g
Sugar0,2 g0,3 g

How much do French Fries cost?

In England, the price of a dish at BK changes depending on the location of the restaurant, so prices for three cities will be updated here: London, Birmingham, Bradford and the average cost of a dish will be calculated.

Average Price£2.42£2.82

You can specify the exact cost of this dish only at your local Burger King restaurant.

Allergenic foods in the dish

There are no allergenic products in this dish and it is safe for allergy sufferers.

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